Steve Douglas

While Steve was not a Hardy, he was my loving wife’s Dad.

Steve had a heart of gold, he was the kind of man that would give you the shirt off his back if it would help you. He was always there for help or advice even when you didn’t want to hear it. He may not have been my wife Dayna’s biological father, but he stepped up and took on the responsibility and helped to raise her into a wonderful woman.

While I was only fortunate enough to know Steve for ten years, he has left a huge impact on my wife and her family, our children, and all his grandchildren, his own children, his wonderful wife Diane, myself and countless others.

May he forever rest in peace, with a Miller in one hand and a full bottle of Grand Marnier on the shelf.

While you may be gone, we will always remember and love you.

Please watch his memorial video below.